Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hot fall hair color of the season, warm and spicy!

The hot Fall hair color of the season for 2013 pops like chestnuts on an open fire! Trend-setting celebs such as BeyoncĂ© and Blake Lively set the season on fire with warmth and spice, so why not grab some matches and start a blaze of your own?

You've spent all summer perfecting that tan, so show it off with honey-toned tresses. If you have dark brown hair, using honey highlights is a great way to change with the seasons and show off your sweet side!

The traditional and timeless chestnut provides warmth as well as depth. Chestnut can come in a number of different, subtle tones, so be sure to tell your stylist you want "warm chestnut".

Who doesn't like chocolate? From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, the flavor of the season can cover any range of lightness or darkness to complement your style and skin tones. The best thing to do is to find a picture of the color you want and bring it in with you so that your stylist knows exactly what you want.

This fall, strike gold with strawberry gold! Also called "golden red", this color is very adaptable, suitable for work or fun and working well with any color you may wear.

Finally, the fun and flirty cinnamon puts a warm copper spin with its own natural highlights. A medium brown kissed with cinnamon hues, it makes the perfect statement that the platinum hues of Summer are gone, and Fall may now begin!
So crown yourself with the rich, darker shades of Fall and add a little warmth... and spice... to your look this year!