Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Hair Tips and Tricks You Have to Try

Are you in a hair rut?  Here are a few DIY hair tips and tricks that can mean the difference between flat, mousy hair and full, glossy locks that draws attention from everyone in the room.

1.  Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, turn the water on cold and get your hair wet again.  The cold water will close your hair cuticles and seal in moisture, letting your hair reflect more light.
2.  You learned from your mother and grandmother to wrap your wet hair into a towel to speed the drying process.  However, doing so might actually be increasing the frizz you have to fight.  Gently, towel off the drippy water with a paper towel and then blow dry your hair for a few minutes to heat your hair and speed the evaporation process.  Then let your hair air dry for 5-10 minutes more before you pull out the blow dryer to finish the job.  
3.  Rather than waiting until your hair-do is a day old and you are running late for work to apply no-wash shampoo, go ahead and apply a minimal amount at your roots when your hair is freshly washed and dried.  The no-wash shampoo will restrict the amount of oil and debris your hair produces during the day.  
4.  You can use Velcro rollers on the top of your hair to increase volume and bounce in your hair.  Either put them in at night to air dry or use the blow dryer to speed the process. 
5.  If your bobby pins tend to slip out, spray some of that no-wash shampoo right onto the bobby pin.  It will increase the grip and keep your up-do looking salon perfect all day.
6.  Let time be your friend.  Wash your hair at night and dry 80%.  Then loosely braid your hair in two or more braids.  When you wake up in the morning, you'll have soft body in your hair.
7.  As you blow dry your hair, use your fingers to lift the roots.  Once dry, use a clean toothbrush to backcomb the undersides of hair at the roots.  This will give fine hair more volume.
8.  Let products rest for 10 minutes after applying to your hair.  Whether you are volumizing, straightening, or curling, the products need time to fully absorb into the strands of your hair for full effect.   
9.  Use a humidifier at night if your hair is particularly dry.  The moisture will keep hair from becoming brittle. 
10.  Tame flyaways with one of these ideas.  Lightly rub a bit of lotion on your hands and then smooth any errant strands.  You can also calm them with a fabric softener sheet.  
These simple tricks won't require you to alter your routines too much but can yield fantastic results.  For more ideas on making your hair your crowning glory, contact us.
xo - Enve

Monday, July 14, 2014

4 Great Ways to Boost Your Hair's Volume in a Snap

Want hair that remains voluminous and rich, and keeps its volume from morning to night? Want to keep that last remaining trace of your morning blowout from deflating into thin air? We got you covered!
Here are 4 simple tricks anyone can do to add a boost of volume to your hair instantly:
Try Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo can easily add volume to your hair with little to no effort on your part. How? After it's applied not only does it soak up oil your hair doesn't need, it adds some much needed lift to your roots, creating a voluminous look (while cleaning your hair). Simply mist it into your hair and massage it gently into your scalp. Voila! Instant volume.
Pick Up a Curling Iron
Soft, wavy hair will always look more full than thin hair. Grab a medium- or large-barreled curling iron (the bigger the barrel the looser your waves look), and twist your hair in it from about your ear down. Leave out the bottom inch or so (to avoid prom hair), then brush the waves out with a boar-bristle paddle brush.
Try Hairspray on your Roots; Salt Spray on the Rest
Flip your hair over, and mist your roots with a light hold hairspray. For the rest of your hair, mist it with some salt spray from about an arm's length away. The hairspray will add volume to your roots, while the salt spray will texturize and add body to your length. Combined, your hair will look fresh and styled.
Don't Underestimate a Topknot
Not to wear out, rather, to sleep in. Just grab a Scrunchie (retro!), and tie your hair up on the top of your head in a loose bun. This will cause your roots to be pulled up all night long, adding volume throughout the next day, while the bun will create subtle waves.
See. Now wasn't that easy! 

Feel free to contact us about your hair needs. We look forward to helping you find the hair care products that match your busy lifestyle.


Monday, July 7, 2014

6 Ways to Unleash the Power of the Beard [Mens hair, beards for summer]

  •  Mens hair, beards for summer
    Beards. Any man can grow one, but what do they do with it once they have it? Do they just let them hang there, dribbling off their chins like leftover spaghetti? No! The man who is worthy of his beard cultivates it, grooms it, takes care of it. He knows that a good beard is like an underscore for his face, and he wants it to look right.
    When it comes to mens hair, beards for summer are the ultimate statement for manliness. During winter maybe you let a little scruff grow. After all, it keeps your face warm for the most part. But a man who wears a beard in the summer is a man who knows his beard. What style, though? Which one is right for you? Let's take a look at some face shapes to determine which beard you should have:
    1. Round face- A full beard can make your face look even rounder, but a beard that is longer near the chin and trimmed neatly to the cheeks and sideburns can put a little angle to the look and reduce the roundness. Some men with this look go for the goatee.
    2. Large face- Remember Rod Stewart's band "Small Faces"? Well, this definitely isn't you. If you have a large, manly face you want a large, manly beard to go with it. A tiny little "soul patch" is terribly off balance. "Go big or go home", as they say, and cap it off with a mustache. You're one of the big boys, you've earned this!
    3. Oval face- Will Smith has an oval face. Like any man with an oval face, he can wear any beard style without fear that it will detract from, or worse insult, his facial features. He normally wears a thin, short beard, but a man with an oval face is a canvas ready for anything!
    4. Square face- A man with a good, square face who wants a beard will have to avoid making his face look even more square. Keep your beard trimmed short at the sides but much longer at the chin. This will give you a more oval appearance and accentuate your beard and your face. Like the man with a round face, a goatee is a good pick.
    5. Small face- A man with a small face has to be careful that it's not overwhelmed by the beard. Sideburns and goatees help provide an attractive frame for your features without running the risk of them getting lost in facial hair. Just a little elegance, if you please!
    6. Long face- You definitely don't want to make it long at the chin unless your goal is to make your long face look even longer. Go with full sideburns and either round it out with a full look around the chin or square it off by going shorter at that part.
    Yes, any man can grow a beard. Not just any man can wear one like he's mastered it! Check your face shape and select the beard that works for you. It's your beard, wear it like you own it!
    Feel free to contact us about your hair needs. We look forward to helping you find the hair care products that match your busy lifestyle.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Men's Thinning Hair: Dispelling the Myths

Mens thinning hair

About 2 out of every 3 guys will start balding by the time they're 60. Many do not part with their hair voluntarily - American males invest about $1 billion a in an attempt to hold on to their locks. While there's no remedy for mens thinning hair, there are several medications that can slow down the hair falling process and preserve the hair that's already in your head. Current studies note men's hair loss can be set off by malfunctioning hair-making progenitor cells in the skin of the balding area. Guys whose hair gradually thins over time tend to have a depleting amount of these cells - subsequently causing the hair to thin out. To help alleviate any potential confusion that can stem from this confidence-debilitating occurrence, we will have to dispell some of the myths that are associated with men's hair loss. 

Hair Shampoo Causes Balding
Many individuals might find a few hairs after they shampoo or brush their hair. Hair strands live in cycles. Every day about 150 to 200 hairs naturally shed. These hairs are then replaced with a new hair. Men's hair loss occur directly in the hair's follicle by deactivating it. 
Being Upside Down Will Cause Hair To Grow
It might be a bit comical, but this is a frequently heard misconception. Baldness is not a blood flow issue, but can be triggered by another variable like age, genetics, and overall health. Even if enhanced blood flow stimulated hair growth, the difference will be minimal. You will need to be in a handstand for a long time before you might see a marginal difference - if any.  
Shaving Will Cause Your Head Hair to Grow Thicker
Shaving your head will trigger hair to grow back thicker and healthier. If this were true, you would see many people visiting the hair salon to chop off all of their hair to regain their thick locks. You can shave your head all you want - but it's not going to cause the hair to grow back with a vengeance.
Just Old Men Are Bald
This is an absolute misconception because androgenic alopecia impacts males and females of various demographics. Any individual can start losing his or her hair at any age and for numerous reasons. Male pattern baldness can start as early as the late teens.
There's a Surefire Cure For Hair Loss
No kind of medication issued by a doctor will cause the permanent reawakening of dead hair follicles. There are some types of therapy and medicines that are utilized to decrease the rate of baldness and in many cases even promote some hair development. These can be used as an effective preventative measure. There's hope though, for many doctors are feverishly trying to find an effective cure for men's thinning hair. 
Anxiety Will Cause You To Go Bald
While there is some reality that anxiety can trigger thinning hair, it is not the major reason for hair thinning. Anxiety is a short term cause of hair thinning. By finding the source of anxiety, you can resolve it. 
Feel free to contact us about your hair needs. We look forward to helping you find the hair care products that match your busy lifestyle.