Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hair Trends: Dry Shampoo Is On the Rise

Hair trends for Summer

People today are always on the go. There barely seems to be enough time in between work, home and social events to fit everything into 24 hours. A new  hair trend, dry shampoo, will allow you to squeeze a few extra minutes into your days. 
Washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner takes up valuable shower time each day. In addition, drying and styling your hair after you have washed it adds even more time to your day. Dry shampooing offers an alternative to the time it takes to shampoo, condition and style your hair every day. Switching to dry shampooing will add extra time into your busy day for all that you need to accomplish. 
 Dry shampoo is generally either made of powder or aerosol. The dry shampoo formula may either have a starch or silica base. The dry shampoo works by soaking up excess oils in your hair in between shampoos. It will help also help give your hairstyles a longer life. 
Dry shampoo is easy to use. You need to spray it six inches from your roots and allow at least two minutes before styling. Two minutes is all the time you need to make sure your hair looks fresh and ready to go. After two minutes has passed, you can restyle your hair, or you can keep rocking that awesome hairdo you already have. 
It is recommended that you use dry shampoo a maximum of three times. After that, mix it up with a traditional shampooing. With this new method, you only have to go through the traditional shampoo and styling process one to two times a week and or more in summer heat when needed. Dry shampooing can help simplify your lifestyle. Consider dry shampooing as an alternative to traditional shampoo and styling process and add extra minutes back into your busy day. We love the evo water killer dry shampoo or the evo haze powder
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For more tips on dry shampoo, check out this link. Dry shampoo: the dos and don’ts of skipping the suds.


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