Monday, July 7, 2014

6 Ways to Unleash the Power of the Beard [Mens hair, beards for summer]

  •  Mens hair, beards for summer
    Beards. Any man can grow one, but what do they do with it once they have it? Do they just let them hang there, dribbling off their chins like leftover spaghetti? No! The man who is worthy of his beard cultivates it, grooms it, takes care of it. He knows that a good beard is like an underscore for his face, and he wants it to look right.
    When it comes to mens hair, beards for summer are the ultimate statement for manliness. During winter maybe you let a little scruff grow. After all, it keeps your face warm for the most part. But a man who wears a beard in the summer is a man who knows his beard. What style, though? Which one is right for you? Let's take a look at some face shapes to determine which beard you should have:
    1. Round face- A full beard can make your face look even rounder, but a beard that is longer near the chin and trimmed neatly to the cheeks and sideburns can put a little angle to the look and reduce the roundness. Some men with this look go for the goatee.
    2. Large face- Remember Rod Stewart's band "Small Faces"? Well, this definitely isn't you. If you have a large, manly face you want a large, manly beard to go with it. A tiny little "soul patch" is terribly off balance. "Go big or go home", as they say, and cap it off with a mustache. You're one of the big boys, you've earned this!
    3. Oval face- Will Smith has an oval face. Like any man with an oval face, he can wear any beard style without fear that it will detract from, or worse insult, his facial features. He normally wears a thin, short beard, but a man with an oval face is a canvas ready for anything!
    4. Square face- A man with a good, square face who wants a beard will have to avoid making his face look even more square. Keep your beard trimmed short at the sides but much longer at the chin. This will give you a more oval appearance and accentuate your beard and your face. Like the man with a round face, a goatee is a good pick.
    5. Small face- A man with a small face has to be careful that it's not overwhelmed by the beard. Sideburns and goatees help provide an attractive frame for your features without running the risk of them getting lost in facial hair. Just a little elegance, if you please!
    6. Long face- You definitely don't want to make it long at the chin unless your goal is to make your long face look even longer. Go with full sideburns and either round it out with a full look around the chin or square it off by going shorter at that part.
    Yes, any man can grow a beard. Not just any man can wear one like he's mastered it! Check your face shape and select the beard that works for you. It's your beard, wear it like you own it!
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