Thursday, July 3, 2014

Men's Thinning Hair: Dispelling the Myths

Mens thinning hair

About 2 out of every 3 guys will start balding by the time they're 60. Many do not part with their hair voluntarily - American males invest about $1 billion a in an attempt to hold on to their locks. While there's no remedy for mens thinning hair, there are several medications that can slow down the hair falling process and preserve the hair that's already in your head. Current studies note men's hair loss can be set off by malfunctioning hair-making progenitor cells in the skin of the balding area. Guys whose hair gradually thins over time tend to have a depleting amount of these cells - subsequently causing the hair to thin out. To help alleviate any potential confusion that can stem from this confidence-debilitating occurrence, we will have to dispell some of the myths that are associated with men's hair loss. 

Hair Shampoo Causes Balding
Many individuals might find a few hairs after they shampoo or brush their hair. Hair strands live in cycles. Every day about 150 to 200 hairs naturally shed. These hairs are then replaced with a new hair. Men's hair loss occur directly in the hair's follicle by deactivating it. 
Being Upside Down Will Cause Hair To Grow
It might be a bit comical, but this is a frequently heard misconception. Baldness is not a blood flow issue, but can be triggered by another variable like age, genetics, and overall health. Even if enhanced blood flow stimulated hair growth, the difference will be minimal. You will need to be in a handstand for a long time before you might see a marginal difference - if any.  
Shaving Will Cause Your Head Hair to Grow Thicker
Shaving your head will trigger hair to grow back thicker and healthier. If this were true, you would see many people visiting the hair salon to chop off all of their hair to regain their thick locks. You can shave your head all you want - but it's not going to cause the hair to grow back with a vengeance.
Just Old Men Are Bald
This is an absolute misconception because androgenic alopecia impacts males and females of various demographics. Any individual can start losing his or her hair at any age and for numerous reasons. Male pattern baldness can start as early as the late teens.
There's a Surefire Cure For Hair Loss
No kind of medication issued by a doctor will cause the permanent reawakening of dead hair follicles. There are some types of therapy and medicines that are utilized to decrease the rate of baldness and in many cases even promote some hair development. These can be used as an effective preventative measure. There's hope though, for many doctors are feverishly trying to find an effective cure for men's thinning hair. 
Anxiety Will Cause You To Go Bald
While there is some reality that anxiety can trigger thinning hair, it is not the major reason for hair thinning. Anxiety is a short term cause of hair thinning. By finding the source of anxiety, you can resolve it. 
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