Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Hair Tips and Tricks You Have to Try

Are you in a hair rut?  Here are a few DIY hair tips and tricks that can mean the difference between flat, mousy hair and full, glossy locks that draws attention from everyone in the room.

1.  Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, turn the water on cold and get your hair wet again.  The cold water will close your hair cuticles and seal in moisture, letting your hair reflect more light.
2.  You learned from your mother and grandmother to wrap your wet hair into a towel to speed the drying process.  However, doing so might actually be increasing the frizz you have to fight.  Gently, towel off the drippy water with a paper towel and then blow dry your hair for a few minutes to heat your hair and speed the evaporation process.  Then let your hair air dry for 5-10 minutes more before you pull out the blow dryer to finish the job.  
3.  Rather than waiting until your hair-do is a day old and you are running late for work to apply no-wash shampoo, go ahead and apply a minimal amount at your roots when your hair is freshly washed and dried.  The no-wash shampoo will restrict the amount of oil and debris your hair produces during the day.  
4.  You can use Velcro rollers on the top of your hair to increase volume and bounce in your hair.  Either put them in at night to air dry or use the blow dryer to speed the process. 
5.  If your bobby pins tend to slip out, spray some of that no-wash shampoo right onto the bobby pin.  It will increase the grip and keep your up-do looking salon perfect all day.
6.  Let time be your friend.  Wash your hair at night and dry 80%.  Then loosely braid your hair in two or more braids.  When you wake up in the morning, you'll have soft body in your hair.
7.  As you blow dry your hair, use your fingers to lift the roots.  Once dry, use a clean toothbrush to backcomb the undersides of hair at the roots.  This will give fine hair more volume.
8.  Let products rest for 10 minutes after applying to your hair.  Whether you are volumizing, straightening, or curling, the products need time to fully absorb into the strands of your hair for full effect.   
9.  Use a humidifier at night if your hair is particularly dry.  The moisture will keep hair from becoming brittle. 
10.  Tame flyaways with one of these ideas.  Lightly rub a bit of lotion on your hands and then smooth any errant strands.  You can also calm them with a fabric softener sheet.  
These simple tricks won't require you to alter your routines too much but can yield fantastic results.  For more ideas on making your hair your crowning glory, contact us.
xo - Enve

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