Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The correct way to use bobby pins

From fancy updo's to casual ponytails, bobby pins are an easy and essential beauty tool that can be used for tons of different hairstyles. But, did you know you could be using them the wrong way? Based on the design of the bobby pin, there is a definite right and wrong way to use them, and using them incorrectly can lead to frustration, more hassle, and redo's! 
First off, if you look at a bobby pin, you will see it has two different sides. One is flat, while the other is wavy. For optimal security, insert bobby pins into the hair, wavy side facing toward the scalp. Those seemingly pointless waves are actually designed to better grip hair, which will help them stay in place longer. 
Another important thing to know about bobby pins is what size works best for your needs. From jumbo to regular to mini, bobby pins come in a variety of sizes. Follow this simple guide to pick the right size for you. 
  • Jumbo Pin: For thick hair, buns, and twists.
  • Regular Pin: For average thickness, small braids, and twists.
  • Mini Pin: For fine hair, and final finishing details. 
Direction is also key in securing bobby pins. When using bobby pins to secure braids, be sure to insert pins parallel with the braid. Then push the pin forward to lock the braid in place, as well as hide it from view. Don't forget, when using bobby pins, be sure to use ones that are the closest match to your hair color. The less pins seen, the better!

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