Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Tips for Great Bangs

Bangs. They look fabulous on some ladies, and not-so-fab on others. Yet, every few years, they keep on coming back and appearing on heads across the country. Have you had them? Did you wear them right? Maybe you've never had them but want them. Either way, bangs are one of the hottest hair trends this year, and we've got the inside scoop on how to wear them.
 1. Update for Maximum Effect 
A center-parted and disheveled style is perfect. When we say bangs, we're not talking about prim and proper, like, the 1950s. More like a mix of the 70s and 90s, more like Farrah and less short and sharp.

2. Research Before You Purchase 
Because you have to already have some length before you dive head first into bangs, try a few styles that mimic bangs without the trim. Consider if you have time for the upkeep, your hair's growing pattern, cowlicks, splits, and so on. If it all works out, then bang on!
3. Face Shape Isn't Always Key
Long ago the idea was only certain face shapes could work it out with a bang'in cut. But with modern bang styles (take a look at Jennifer Garner's most recent do), forehead size and face shape can be worked with. Ask your stylist!

4. But Free Reign Isn't Advised
We know that we just said to ignore face shape, which is true in many cases. But what we don't want you to do is to become an anarchist! There are still rules to follow, guidelines to consider with bangs. So, again, confer with your stylist before trimming off your locks.
5. Watch the Length!
Perhaps the worst mistake: bangs that are too short. We're talking middle of the forehead short, like we're heading down to Chelsea for a short walk. Okay, we aren't discriminating against the look, because if you are a punk rocker than more power to you -- it's your things and we get it. But bangs cut to the middle of your brow when that's not your look? It's time for bed.

Bangs give women dozens of options and new versatility in choices of her looks. A few snips with the scissors and presto....A whole new you. And if you're looking for lots of head turning fringe ideas, check out my Pinterest page on bangs-fringe/



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